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Give your feet a break with a comfy runner or rug from

Wide variety of runners and rugs from cotton, lambskin or other materials for your interior.

Looking to decorate your sofa or armchair, choose one of our soft cushions, blankets or throws.

Match your style with our soft furnishing.

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  1. Mongolsk lammeskind, gråt lammeskind

    Special Price 877 kr. Regular Price 1.096 kr.
  2. Miami Rug, sort polyester tæppe

    Special Price 1.829 kr. Regular Price 2.286 kr.
  3. Mongolsk Lammeskind, Superblødt lammeskind

    As low as 877 kr. Regular Price 1.096 kr.
  4. Mumbai Rug, Rundt jute tæppe

    As low as 333 kr. Regular Price 417 kr.
  5. Iberisk lammeskind, Kunstigt lammeskind

    As low as 265 kr. Regular Price 332 kr.
  6. Mumbai Rug, flettet jute

    As low as 333 kr. Regular Price 417 kr.
  7. Miami Rug, polyester tæppe

    As low as 1.829 kr. Regular Price 2.286 kr.
  8. Scotch pude, Ternet design 45x45cm

    Special Price 333 kr. Regular Price 417 kr.
  9. Gaia tæppe, Naturlig bomuld med tryk 90x60 cm

    Special Price 265 kr. Regular Price 315 kr.
  10. Gaia tæppe, Naturlig bomuld med tryk 240x180 cm

    Special Price 1.625 kr. Regular Price 1.929 kr.
  11. LASKI kunstigt lammeskind, sort, 40x40cm

    Special Price 265 kr. Regular Price 332 kr.
  12. Meno tæppe, Sand rundt flettet tæppe Ø120 cm

    Special Price 673 kr. Regular Price 756 kr.
  13. Meno tæppe, Sand flettet tæppe 140x200 cm

    Special Price 1.489 kr. Regular Price 1.691 kr.
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