3 personers sofaer

Select a large sofa for your living room to offer yourself or guests a comfortable place to sit and relax.

At interiorr.com you'll find a wide range of three seater sofas to choose from.

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  1. Isabella Sofa, 3-personers lysegrå & naturben

    Special Price 5.432 kr. Regular Price 6.392 kr.
  2. Isabella Sofa, 3-personers & naturben

    As low as 5.432 kr. Regular Price 6.392 kr.
  3. Daisy hjørnesofa, Lysegrå stof og PP-ben (Højrevendt)

    Special Price 11.832 kr. Regular Price 13.592 kr.
  4. Mauhi hjørnesofa, stof og stålben

    As low as 10.232 kr. Regular Price 11.192 kr.
  5. Daisy hjørnesofa, velour og PP-ben

    As low as 11.832 kr. Regular Price 13.592 kr.
  6. Ferno lounge sofa, velour og bøgetræsben

    As low as 7.432 kr. Regular Price 8.712 kr.
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