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We are very pleased to welcome you to our store. We are Interiorr, at our store we can make design furniture affordable again. We source and produce with the best materials so that your furniture lasts for a long time. The whole idea started when we were shopping for furniture when we noticed how many very expensive designer furniture was availalble. Most of the other brands did either not offer the quality or the service that you would expect when buying furniture. We had the idea to do it differently and to make great furniture affordable again for everyone with great service free of charge. And so Interiorr was born. The store to create your dream interior.

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When it comes to your home, we believe you can have it all:

“great design and quality, at an affordable price.”

Free shipping on orders over €300

Delivered to your doorstep

Pay after delivery

Try for free at home

We respect our planet

For us, that means retailing responsibly. We’ve set a number of goals to get us there. Things like: eliminating all unnecessary plastic from our product packaging, and ensuring that the most environmentally impactful materials we use are 100% sustainably sourced.

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