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Our high-quality designer dining and kitchen chairs will add elegance to your dining room, whether it's for dinner with friends or mealtimes.

There are many styles to choose from, including classic and modern designs.

Leather is trendy, and industrial is hot.

For a homely feeling, choose a combination of genuine leather and black metal legs to make a statement in your kitchen.

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Dining chairs are some of the most essential furniture pieces you need. This is why our team has selected the most affordable designs that would also bring you comfort and let you enjoy your everyday meals, family time, get-togethers, and dinner parties. A dining chair is important for the way you eat, the way you behave, and the mood when gathering in the dining room. Finding the perfect dining chair is not an easy task. Comfort is key, of course, but you also want chairs that add visual style and panache to the home. Now this might be a challenge if you also depend on a budget. We at interiorr.com want to make sure you choose just the right design pieces for a peaceful home and a peace of mind. Hence, we decided to get you through what needs to be considered in order to pick the right dining room chairs.  


The size of the dining room chairs you choose will depend on the measurements of your space. The perfect dining chair style for you will be one that fits perfectly around your table. The chairs don’t have to match with the dining table in colour or material, but they should suit the scale and style of your dining furniture. Start by assessing the size and shape of your table and the room - this will help you determine how many chairs you need, as well as what fits within the space. Oval and rectangular tables can accommodate more people compared to square tables where you would generally need a set of 4 dining chairs to be comfortably seated. The Dining chairs set of 4 is also a good solution for a round table. However, the lack of corners means you can fit at least one more. 

When measuring, pay particular attention to the height of your table and its tabletop's thickness. Once you know your numbers, use these easy guidelines to help you: The average seat width of a dining chair is between 45 and 50 cm but thick armrest design can change that, so check the product specifics before you buy. You want to leave 15 cm between each chair when arranging a group of chairs around a table. You also want to leave at least 90 centimetres of space between the chair and the wall, cabinet or other furniture, so people can easily push their chair back without hitting anything.


Whatever you furnish or decorate at your own home or working space, it first has to meet your own vision for aesthetics and comfort. Good interior design means you know what makes you happy and what ambience you aim for. A sophisticated dining room or a colourful lunch area has the potential to boost your energy and enhance your mood. Our team advises to think first about the emotions you want to provoke while spending time in those spaces. Below are some examples of how a feeling can be associated with a design style, so you might recognize yourselves in there.      


If you want to feel calm and relaxed while you eat, you may want to look for pieces that give a natural feel to a space. Natural feel is best described by authentic and natural pieces like wood and rattan dining chairs. Our Jenson series are the perfect example of biophilic design pieces that relate to mid-century modern interiors and minimalism enthusiasts who want to add a touch of warmth to their home. The Jenson chairs are some of the most popular designs for wood dinning chairs, and for a reason. Wood furniture is one of the best ways to bring a natural feel to your home, as it is both durable and beautiful. For a contemporary look, dining chairs with minimal lines that are free from ornamentation can create show-stopping appeal in your dining area or living room. They are also a great fit for people who admire a rather traditional look, and can be upholstered or not depending on how formal you want them to be. The Jenson chair perfectly blends in with any interior because of its sleek design and you can choose your type of seat, colour of the seat and colour wood to complete your interior.


If you are looking to create a rather joyful dining room space where you feel uplifted and energised, you may want to stick to soft fabrics and bright fun colours. The kitchen chairs are very suitable for colour exploration - you may want to check out our velvet dining chairs offered in various bold colours for a contemporary and charming look. Contemporary charm is what we at interiorr.com call warm interiors with character. It’s when you opt for subtle colours for the dining table and other furniture in the room but add accents of more vibrant colours you really love. You may want to choose an extravagant velvet dining chair and mix it with playful lighting as eye-catching components in the interior.  

Upholstered dining chairs are a good option to provide comfort for your guests. The padding on the seat and back invites them to sit down and stay awhile. You may want to feel more luxurious and go for more details like button tufting or padded arms, or you like to keep the mood more calm and stick to clean lines with simple, tailored upholstery. Velvet and textile dining chairs are practical as they are the easiest to maintain.

If you want to feel brave and confident with your dining area, mix-and-match styling are the newest power moves. For a more eclectic approach, use the dining table as an anchor for your space and start from there. A dining chairs set of 6 is perfect for playful combinations. One good way to achieve this is to have a pair of matching end chairs that can contrast against side chairs for a strong look. You want to pick a theme such as an interesting colour combination. For example, you can have one or two types of grey dining chairs and combine them with accent chairs in yellow and black. Mixing materials and textures, can create a fun space that also provides different seating options for guests.


Black dining chairs and grey dining chairs are perfect for dark neutral interiors. Leather dining chairs give it a cool feel and are essentially everlasting. These would be the right choices if you want to make your space as posh and tasteful as possible without the extra cost. Dark chocolate hues impart a sense of luxury, so you can simply wine & dine in style. 

Consider how many chairs you actually need for daily use and life, then prioritise that number over the total number of seats needed to accommodate big parties or entertaining. We at interiorr.com are here to advise you at every step, and promise to provide you with lovely durable chairs and fast delivery. 

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