Textile Care Kit

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This unique and comprehensive kit contains 2 specialised products for optimal cleaning and protection of new and used furniture fabrics. The Textile Care Kit keeps new furniture in top condition and gives used (dirty) furniture a second life.

Contents of this kit:
• 1 x 500 ml Textile Protector (spray can)
• 1 x 500 ml Cleantex (foam spray)
• 1 x cotton cleaning glove (white)
• 1 x cleaning cloth (white)

Range of application:
Can be used on all fabrics! Ideal for (seating) furniture, but also suitable for carpets,
curtains, garden cushions, car interior, etc. Not sure for which product it is suitable? Ask our customer service team!

Instructions for use:
Textile Protector (spray can)
Clean and dry the surface that requires treatment. First clean stained or soiled furniture fabrics with Cleantex. And secondly test the product on a hidden part of the furniture, to see if the fabric is not affected or discoloured after drying. Preferably apply the product in the open air or in a well ventilated room (at an open window or outside door). Shake the spray can for 20 seconds before use, hold it upright and spray in even layers from a distance of ± 25 cm. Consumption Indication: ± 50 ml per m2.

Drying time: approx. 1 hour, before the furniture can be used.

Optimal protection is achieved after approximately 6 to 12 hours drying time. Caution! Keep ventilating the room, also during drying! In case of insufficient results, repeat the treatment once. Check treated textiles annually with a drop of water for proper functioning of the protective layer. In case of doubt, always treat the furniture afterwards.

For complete cleaning of soiled furniture (in 3 steps):

Step 1 - First thoroughly vacuum the entire piece of furniture (incl. cushions).

Step 2 - Spray the furniture generously with Cleantex and distribute it immediately with a clean white cotton washcloth. Tip! Treat one seat at a time!
Allow Cleantex to penetrate for 3 minutes and then clean with the white cotton washcloth (using circular movements).
Rinse the white washcloth regularly with clean, lukewarm water. Remove the foam and dissolved dirt as well as possible! If the result is unsatisfactory, repeat the treatment.

Step 3 – After drying, vacuum the furniture again.
In case of stains: Always immediately dab up fresh liquid stains with a well absorbing cloth. Fresh solid stains should first be carefully "scraped off" as much as possible, e.g. with a teaspoon. Then spray the stain and leave for 2 to 3 minutes. Then remove the stain with a clean cleaning cloth.

Recommendation: Treat freshly cleaned furniture fabrics with Textile Protector (makes fabric stain- and water-repellent).

The Textile Care Kit is sufficient to treat 8 - 10 m2 of fabric/textile. Consumption Indication: ± 50 ml per m2. This is based purely on the use of the Textile Protector.

Range:Furniture care
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Textile Care Kit
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